Ten most broken New Year’s resolutions

There are probably hundreds and thousands of resolutions that never see the end of January, but the most common are ones that most people have failed at once or twice. So, if you really want to keep them, you have to pay special attention

  1. Getting fit

We’ve all been there. After ramming down as much Christmas cake and other festive food as we possibly can, we decide that shedding those post-Christmas kilos is a must and we resolve to work that treadmill until we can work it no more. Unfortunately, more often than not, we find ourselves lacking motivation after a few months.

  1. Stop smoking

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for you and also very expensive. That said, it is very difficult to quit and the result is that we give it up for a few days until the next time we drink alcohol or have a coffee that can be finished off by the associated post-dinner ciggie.

  1. Learn a new skill

Wanting to learn to play the saxophone, learning French or learning to cook are just a few of the examples here. As you get older, we’re more resistant to change, so learning a new skill becomes too hard for most of us. As it turns out and that sax bought with the best January intentions sits in the corner collecting dust from mid-February.

  1. Stop spending and save

If you’re a big spender and often splurge when you shop, it’s almost impossible to reverse this trait. However, adjusting your attitude towards money and taking steps to reduce your spending can help you achieve this resolution.

  1. See the family more

As we move through life we inevitably become busier and have less time to ourselves and less time to offer family. No matter how much we resolve to see more of our granny or second cousin, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

  1. Travel more

Travelling is the one resolution that we should all be looking to stick to. There’s a big wide world out there. If you haven’t seen at least one of the seven wonders of the world, then it could be a simpler resolution for 2016.

  1. Give up the booze

In January this is easy; everyone went out so much over Christmas that a break is needed to take some time off anyway. But when the following months arrive, the temptations come back again.

  1. Do some volunteer work

If we don’t have time for our families as it is, when exactly are we going to find time for people we don’t even know? Again, with more and more responsibilities in life, it’s hard to dedicate some personal time to the less fortunate.

  1. Calm yourself

Resolving to worry less about things is integral to maintaining a stable mind. Unfortunately, if you’re a serial worrier, it just takes the garbage men to turn up a few hours late and the barriers are broken. Couple that with your shock credit card bill from December and you’re back where you began.

  1. Eat better

The diet starts in January. It goes well. Soups aren’t that bad and fresh fruit is fine as well—who knew? But when you’re strapped for time and looking for a quick and easy meal, or you just can’t be bothered to cook, it’s so much easier just to go to the nearest takeaway store.

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