MAKING WEALTH- A FINE ART OR NOT? Tips to help you grow that money tree


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Why does making-money come more naturally to some people than to others? For this set of money makers, it seems wealth creation is quite an effortless endeavor, while to others it is a back-breaking, brain-wracking venture. The answer lies in understanding what you as an individual enjoy doing. What are you so good at that you don’t even break a sweat doing? Truth is: not everyone is marked out to do a 9-5 job. And this easily shows in how restless and uncomfortable some people are in jobs that are regimented. Thus the earlier you identify this the better you can define whether you want to work as a freelance, hold down a steady job or work for yourself. Whatever your objectives are, consider long-term plans to achieving them. Break your goals into smaller identifiable actions that can bring you closer to realizing your dreams.


Start by:

  • Setting your long-term goals and breaking them down into short-term goals.

[What are these?- short term goals which will help you reach the long term plans if achieved]


  • Think of what you need to do to achieve them in a short while

[What are these?- skill, knowledge


For instance you may need to cut down on certain time-consuming habits and channel that time to more profitable endeavors. Hey, imagine how much time is wasted arguing over Barca, Chelsea or ManU. And worse still, the players are making their money, and you are not.


  • Cutting down on TV time and using it for studies that would earn you a qualification that would earn you a promotion. Channeling your time to more meaningful endeavors ensures that you learn new skills, how to execute a job better or how to secure your present job. Simply put, investing your time in things that help grow and develop you invariably accelerates your drive to achieving those long-term goals.

Wait a sec…


How realistic are your goals?

It’s not enough to consider your long-term and short-term goals; you have to review them and ensure that they are achievable. Don’t go building castles in the air. Share your ideas with people who are close to you, [of course avoiding wet blankets and dream killers]. Doing this provides you with different perspectives and helps you make a better decision.


If you need help in deciding how to build a strategy that works for you, why not give one of our KISS agents a call on 0800-MERISTEM. They are eagerly waiting to help you out.


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