How Meri-Aspire Helped Osaze Achieve Her Dreams (Case Study)

Osazee Myraini, a 30 year old lady, lives in Lagos and worked at YNT Communications, one of the top 5 communications companies in Nigeria. To her friends and family, she had the dream job and lived the ideal city girl life. However, Osazee who was a star performer at work was deeply unfulfilled at her job. She constantly felt uninspired and unenthusiastic as she had achieved almost everything achievable in her role at YNT Communications as a Relationship Manager.

Osazee had a strong passion for clothing retail, in fact her eyes lit up whenever she had the opportunity to discuss fashion and the endless possibilities she thought existed in the retail end of the industry.  She knew she would feel more fulfilled and happy if only she could start up her own fashion retail outfit. In fact, she had the brand name “House of Zeeme” planned out. The designs she wanted to sell, her target market and every other detail of her business plan was ready, but the capital to start. It depressed her to know that she was not living her own dream….

One day in August 2015, she received a call to hang out with her friend Gbeni who worked at Meristem Wealth Management Limited, since she had nothing else planned for the evening she decided to meet up with Gbeni.

The ladies met up at one of the nice spots in Ikeja, Lagos and had a pretty nice time. However, Gbeni noticed that ‘Zee’ as she fondly called her was a bit down and pried till she told her how depressed she was at her job and how she wanted to resign to launch House of Zeeme, like yesterday. Gbeni gave her the usual pep talk and in the process began to help Osazee with her exit plan from YNT Communications and strategy to start up her fashion store.

To deal with the start-up capital issue, Gbeni advised Osazee to invest in Meri-Aspire- a guaranteed product targeted at people like her who needed to save money (starting with as little as N50,000) towards a specific near future dream/obligation. It was just the kind of investment plan that Osazee needed and she immediately set up a monthly direct debit of N110,000 from her bank account from August 2015 till December 2016. They projected that she will need about N2,000,000 to set up the business- travel to Turkey for stock purchase, branding, store set-up, etc.; they agreed that she will save on rent and instead use her Grandma’s garage as her store. She also decided to continue working at YNT Communications till September 2016 before handing in her resignation, as it will afford her more time to dedicate to a job she once loved and save to start up her business.

By December 2016, to Osazee’s astonishment, her little investment of N110,000 monthly accumulated to over N2m; making her a millionaire and empowering her to start up House of Zeeme, which officially opened for business on the 13th of February, 2017.


  • Bottom-line is, one way or the other, we all have pet projects, aspirations, long-term ambitions etc. that seem impossible to finance.
  • Our Meri-Aspire product is designed to assist people in achieving their objectives which may seem impossible until they speak with financial experts.
  • Our advice is not one-size-fits-all, as we sit with you to design financial plans specially for you.



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