GO OUT WITH A BIG SPLASH – Exit the Rat Race with a Great Financial Plan


There’s the favorite saying that as an employee, one of the following options awaits you: You may resign, get sacked or die working on the job. Point is: there is always an exit time. Unfortunately, lots of people hardly think about that time when they will be leaving the organization, even much less, the life after work.


Early retirement is quite desirable and this trend is becoming popular these days as more and more people tend towards owning their business than working for other people. Yet we all will admit that not having a regular paycheck can be quite scary. But proper financial discipline and planning can help make that dream of retiring in style come true.


Now imagine how wonderful it would be to retire and spend quality time in one of those exotic Caribbean islands. There you are drinking coconut liquor, playing in the sand and watching skimpily-clad maidens dance to some rhumba. Now, snap out of it and see your life as it is.


Do you have the financial discipline to bring this dream alive, knowing that it is financial discipline that helps you differentiate between want and need? Financial discipline helps you execute your consumption, savings and investment decisions. Applying financial discipline to what you consume means being able to stay within your budget while also setting money aside for the rainy day. Applied to savings, financial discipline ensures that you stay committed to a stated savings plan and using the savings for what it was designed for.


When you are financially disciplined, you would understand that it’s not every investment opportunity that you should jump at, knowing that you cannot afford to make mistakes at this point in your working life. Now the following would help you prepare better for a wonderful retirement ahead:


  1. Planning, Planning, Planning: Picture how you want to retire and put it down to the very last detail- what age you want to retire, the kind of house you want to live in, how you generally would like to live. Putting down every detail forms the backbone or foundation to whatever you build on it.

  3. Set aside your initial investment: Put you plan into action starting with an investment that will grow in the course of your working life. You may start with a small amount and be consistent with what you put in.

  5. Examine your risk appetite: How much risk can you take? You need not expose your future savings to too much risk. So, you are better off investing your retirement savings into assets that will somewhat preserve them.

  7. Spread your retirement portfolio: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your investment portfolio and as such protect it from unforeseen problems

  9. Know the market: You cannot do without the right information in the market. Get the advice of experts like Meristem, and have them guide you through the tricky financial terrains.


Give one of our KISS agents on 0800-MERISTEM a call today for financial advice that help you birth your dream.


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