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For anyone who hopes to make real good money, knowing the latest investment trends is a must. Understanding the pulse of the market helps in investing correctly. Due to the constantly changing investment vista, it follows that a smart investor may not necessarily continue to look at the areas once considered goldmines for investors. He must be able to determine what makes financial commitments make sense at the current time. For instance, there was a time investing in stocks was a big deal. But following the stock market crash and the concomitant losses, the money stock market lost its appeal to many.


Currently, an investor may look at the following areas to put down his hard-earned money:

Real Estate: Investment in real estate has remained every investor’s money-maker. Landed property has been known to retain, increase, but never lose its value. A plot of land in a semi-urban area of Lagos that cost N200k could double that price in 4 years’ time. For someone whose long term goal is to buy a property in the heart of the metropolis, investing in several plots of land located at the outskirts may be the route to making that dream come true- if he waits for 10 years and sells the land.


Precious metals: Nigeria is blessed with an overabundance of mineral resources many of which are relatively untapped. As foreign companies find their way to these shores, it might be worth your while to consider investing in some of such precious metals. Gold for instance never loses its value. So an investment in gold could get you a goldmine eventually.


Fixed income

This refers to a type of investing or budgeting style for which real return rates or periodic income is received at regular intervals at reasonably predictable levels. Most investors in this category are retired individuals who rely on their investments to provide a regular, stable income stream.


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